In decal áo thun tại Xưởng in AZ, in áo thun KTS

In decal áo thun tại Xưởng in AZ, in áo thun KTS

brand t-shirt shop ; or you want to make uniform t-shirts…then the first thing you need to do is learn about modern t-shirt printing technology and find a reputable printing factory. So where to print good quality t-shirt decals at a reasonable price? You will find the answer right in this article!

Print t-shirt decals at AZ Printing Factory, print KTS t-shirts
Print t-shirt decals at AZ Printing Factory, print KTS t-shirts

1. Advantages of T-shirt decal printing technology

There are many technologies applied in the field of T-shirt production and printing. One of the most widely used technologies today is decal printing technology . This technology converges advantages such as: 

  1. Ensure image quality when printing sharp; lively; high fidelity; color fastness; Hard to peel or discolor. 
  2. T-shirt decal printing technology allows printing on many different fabrics. 
  3. Fast printing time, unlimited colors. This technology allows you to print all colors on all colors of shirts. 
  4. Compared to screen printing, decal printing images have a much better resolution. 

With this digital printing technology, you can: 

  • 3D printing press on the shirt
  • Press the foaming shape to float on the shirt
  • Press glitter decal on t-shirt
  • Pressing velvet on T-shirt
  • Print reflective decal t-shirt, hologram 7 colors
  • Metallic printed decals…
Where to print good quality t-shirts at reasonable prices?  print kts t-shirts in tphcm
Advantages of T-shirt decal printing technology – reflective decal T-shirt printing is popular

2. Where can I print decal T-shirt with good quality and reasonable price?

When printing T-shirts, customers often encounter some problems such as: 

  • The printing factory refused the request because of the small quantity
  • Quotations are too high; not suitable for the financial capacity of the customer
  • Many cheap printing factories have low service quality. Prints are not realistic; Not like the blueprint. The print quickly peels off; bleach. Or do not wash printed t-shirts in a washing machine, causing inconvenience to users. 

So where to print decal T-shirt with good quality, reasonable price? Many customers have chosen FACTORY IN AZ as the answer for reasons such as: 

T-shirt printing service on demand, high-end fashion t-shirt printing in Ho Chi Minh City
Where to print good quality t-shirt decal with reasonable price?

AZ provides wholesale and retail high-quality plain t-shirts

As a large- scale t-shirt printing factory , AZ Printing Factory has an abundant and quality source of plain t-shirts. We can help you choose the best plain t-shirt model for each use. Our beautiful t-shirt sample library can meet all requirements of customers’ designs and quantities. You want to buy local brand t-shirts; class uniform shirt; company uniforms; group shirt or family shirt…we have enough.       netspot enterprise crack pdf expert crack

Source of 100% cotton plain t-shirts at wholesale prices at the garment factory - AZ printing factory
AZ provides wholesale and retail of high-quality plain t-shirts – wholesale source of plain t-shirts, beautiful quality printed t-shirts

Using the latest printing technology

AZ printing factory uses the latest digital printing technology today. Premium quality decals and printers deliver flawless prints. The print of decal printing technology has high adhesion; durable at the same time; Colors are vivid and true to 98%. Especially not peeling, cracking like when printing cheap decal.

Quotation for competitive t-shirt printing service

Whether you are a retail customer or need to print decal t-shirts in bulk, we will also quote the best price. Wholesale customers always have a “huge” discount. The more you print, the lower the service price. AZ printing workshop is committed and warranted for product quality. So we will not be able to guarantee the cheapest price in the market. But we certainly offer competitive quotes, commensurate with product quality and customer satisfaction. 

Full support for customers who want to start a business

Not only providing quality plain T-shirts , AZ also supports customers in the design stage. It’s okay if you don’t have a unique idea yet. It’s okay if you don’t know much about design. AZ has a dedicated team to support you. 

For customers who want to start a business, we can advise opening a t-shirt shop; fashion shop; shop uniforms based on their own actual experience. Through contact with many partners, we also know what is an effective T-shirt business model in each period. AZ will bring you useful business suggestions; advise on Top Selling printed t-shirts to the most effective sales channels. 

print t-shirts in HCMC, print high-end fashion t-shirts
Support in designing and editing printed samples – Full support for customers who want to start a business

It is not difficult for you to find a t-shirt decal printing workshop in this extremely vibrant market. But bringing you all the benefits mentioned above can only be AZ Printing Factory. Contact us today for the earliest support!

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